Saturday, March 27, 2010

Marine scientists talks about dolphins and other creatures during Water Expo

Marine scientist and Key Biscayne resident, Edward Keith, recently addressed students grades K-8 at the International Christian School at the 10th Annual Science Fair/Water Expo. Professor Keith of Nova University had just returned from Ecuador where he was studying manatees. Keith is known internationally for his studies in the area of marine mammals including whales, manatees, and dolphins.

Keith was able to find time in his busy schedule to be a part of ICS’s two day Water Expo in which students from K-8 presented research, studies and experiments all related to water. Rain, thunderstorms and babbling brooks could be heard as you entered the hall and display boards with facts and art related to water were snuggly placed from wall to wall. Some of the winners included using water in the creation of Solar Panels and studying pulse rates after drinking Gatorade. The 2nd Grade class conducted a water study with disturbing results in which they found Aquafina followed by Smart Water to be the cleanest, and Figi and Zephyrhill water to be the dirtiest after measuring it with a water quality (TPS) meter. All measurements were taken in parts per million. Aquafina, the winner, uses a reverse osmosis process.

Since the death of SeaWorld killer whale trainer, Dawn Brancheau on February 24th, students and the press alike have been particularly interested in Professor Keith’s insight on this tragedy. While addressing ICS students Keith remained neutral, merely conveying the recent official investigative results in which it was decided that the killer whale, Tilikum, would remain at Sea World.

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