Friday, October 07, 2005

Dead dolphin wear the marks of death

A DEAD dolphin covered in fishing net marks was discovered washed up on Saunders Beach late yesterday afternoon.Local residents called the Townsville Bulletin to report the dolphin's death. The dolphin was between 1.5m and 1.8m long.

Resident Richard Russell said the dolphin was just one of many dead fish washed up on Saunders Beach. Mr Russell said it was an annual event as commercial fishermen fished the waters off Saunders Beach.

He said the fishers put out their nets, hauled their catch aboard and then discarded everything they did not want over the side of the boats, including fish guts.

Mr Russell said the dead and dismembered fish, including mackerel, were then washed ashore at Saunders Beach and 'stink the place out'.

Queensland Seafood Industry Association spokesman Neil Green last night said he was surprised to hear that mackerel was being discarded because it was the type of highly prized fish the fishermen would now be seeking.

Mr Green said he would look into the matter today, but discarding of offal over the side of the boat was common practice and the waste was usually cleaned up by birds and other marine life.
As for the dead dolphin, Mr Green said that was something the Environmental Protection Agency was usually called on to investigate.


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