Friday, October 07, 2005

Government goes to court to enforce a ban about feeding dolphins

Queensland Parks and Wildlife legal representatives will today file a court application seeking an end to dolphin feeding at Tin Can Bay, between Maryborough and Gympie.

Hundreds of people have defied the Environment Minister Desley Boyle's ban on feeding the animals.

Part owner of the restaurant adjacent to the feeding area Steven Walker says the Minister has acted in contravention of a four-year-old agreement, signed by former environment minister Rod Welford, that dictated that feeding would stop when the dolphins no longer came in to be fed.
"The State Government is actually ripping up its original agreement," he said.

"Part of the process was the phase-out period, was Mystique included, Scarry and Mystique, Scarry doesn't come in any more but Mystique does.

"What Desley Boyle is not thinking about is what about the dolphins, what's going to happen to the dolphins? They're not going to be under controls and guidelines of the EPA."


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