Thursday, November 03, 2005

Business receives the award of the best sightings of dolphins and whales

BICREF's Best Dolphin and Whale Sighting Report Award for the Rolex Middle Sea Race 2005 was presented last Saturday to the Skipper John Dietz who led the crew of the boat Paul Gerard. This year's particular calm seas has indeed allowed the participants of this Central Mediterranean Sailing Race to come up with numerous cetacean and turtle sightings which have been reported using BICREF's forms, information packs and cameras sponsored by fotovision imaging international.

The data from all the sailing boats will complement the scientific work of the conservation biologist, Adriana Vella who started her local cetacean research project in 1996. The Biological Conservation Research Foundation (BICREF) strongly believes that accurate knowledge of biodiversity, including creatures that are vulnerable and difficult to study, can pave the way to sound planning, management, monitoring and education. BICREF therefore encourages all sea-users to be as collaborative as the Royal Malta Yacht Club, by forwarding details of cetaceans and other creatures observed at sea.

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