Saturday, January 28, 2006

Dolphin rescue did not have a happy ending

The male bottlenose dolphin, which has been nicknamed Marra by locals, has been living in Maryport marina for about a month.

On Friday morning, a two-hour operation to try to rescue the dolphin from the marina using a specially-built 'bubble curtain' was unsuccessful.

Marine experts said they believe the animal is trapped by the design of the marina gates.
Doug Cartlidge, from the British Divers Marine Life Rescue, said: "We put a high-pressure bubble net behind him. Unfortunately he would rather go back through the bubble net, which frightened him, than go over the lock gate.

"This is the most difficult one we've had because of the environment, because of the gate, and the drop into the water - we have got about a 4 metre drop into the water all the way around the marina."

The dolphin has attracted large crowds to the marina and posters have been put up around the area to remind people they are protected under the Wildlife & Countryside Act and any harassment is illegal.

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