Monday, March 06, 2006

According to some people, dolphins in captivity is only negative

Captive dolphin swim-with parks have no substantiated positive effects on either dolphins or people beyond providing profits for owners. The dolphins are kept in an unnatural environment, deprived of normal behaviors.

Despite being carefully (and expensively) monitored, doctored, protected and cosseted, captive dolphins neither live longer than nor reproduce more survivors than their counterparts in the wild. Any “educational” value of the programs for human participants is distorted by the perversity of the entire situation.

Thanks to organizations worldwide, like Keep Dolphins Free, the paying public is becoming more aware that imprisoning intelligent animals for amusement and profit is cruel. Already cruise lines are taking dolphin parks off their lists of available tours.

More and more people are finding it unacceptable to capture dolphins for parks. It would serve the Cayman Islands Tourism Association best to disassociate itself from this industry as quickly and firmly as possible.

Quick "Facts about Dolphins"