Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mayor gets involved in dolphin watching tour industry!

Baclayon Mayor Benny Uy is urged to step into the conflicts and lack of management in the booming dolphin watching tour in Pamilacan Island.

The two major concerns are the congestion of boats at the area where dolphins are and the raging conflict between two groups based in the island.

Mayor Uy is invited by the Provincial Tourism Council (PTC) to step into the case being the chief executive of the municipality where this dolphin watching tour is being operated.

It maybe noted that this marine tour is Asia’s bet to the World of Tomorrow’s Award.

The council sees the urgency of looking into these concerns including the rampant operation of untrained boatmen who bring tourists to the site. Aside from creating congestion at the site, the dolphins are at risk of being hit by boats manned by untrained boatmen coming from the various resorts in Panglao.

There seems to be a need to regulate the entry of boat operators doing marine tour which only the “iron hand” of the LGU can do.

Secondly, the controversies between the Pamilacan Island Dolphin and Whale Watching Organization (PIDWO) and the Pamilacan Island Boat Operators and Spotters Association (PIBOSA) should also be resolved in order to enhance the marine tour, instead of causing conflict to both groups.

Barangay chairman Crispo Valeroso of Pamilacan likewise questioned why oftentimes the barangay council is not informed of developments for the island, including the alleged funding from the New Zealand government. He alleged that PIDWWO do not even contribute to the maintenance of the marine sanctuary in the island.

The global focus on the dolphin watching tour gained prominence with the recent visit of New Zeland Prime Minister Helen Clark to the island.

Mayor Uy, leaders of the two groups as well as Valeroso are invited to the PTC meeting at the Capitol tomorrow afternoon.

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