Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Port Stephens expects for dolphin's census to remain the same!

The National Parks and Wildlife Service is hopeful current dolphin numbers in Port Stephens will remain consistent with previous years after yesterday's annual dolphin census.

More than 100 community volunteers were involved in the survey.

Forty-eight dolphins were spotted, but that is only half the count. Final results are expected later this afternoon.

Between 100 and 150 dolphins are usually recorded in the port.

Area manager Rob Gibbs says the census is one of many ways to gain a better understanding of the local dolphin population.

"We've had photo ID monitoring that's been going for the past six years as well," he said.
"We have to look at all the different impacts that are occurring on the animals and a lot of that comes from recreational boat traffic and the commercial dolphin watch boat traffic.

"We've been looking at that for the last six years in conjunction with the dolphin watch industry and to try to minimise the impact that is occurring."

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