Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rising water temperature results in raising dolphins numbers

RISING sea temperatures have boosted whale and dolphin numbers in Scots waters.
The sea around the north-east is proving a particular hotspot, with many more minke whales recorded than normal.

The species, which grow to around 28ft long, have been seen between Aberdeen and Fraserburgh.

They've also been spotted to the north and west, in the Moray Firth, feeding on large shoals of fish close to the surface.

Other unusual sightings in the last week included a fin whale at North Berwick.

At Fraserburgh, groups of common dolphins have arrived to feed. People are being urged to get involved in spotting for National Whale and DolphinWatch.

The event, organised by conservation and research group SeaWatch Foundation, takes place from August 12-20.

Director Dr Peter Evans said: "We think there are more sightings of whales and dolphins in eastern Scotland compared to last year. The increase reflects the rise in sea surface temperatures in recent years."

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