Friday, August 11, 2006

Dolphin with virus rescued but still not out of danger

Ecologists in Action vets have transferred the dolphin that was found washed up on Serena beach last Sunday to a protected area of sea near to Roquetas del Mar marina, where she will continue her treatment.

According to an Ecologists in Action spokesperson, the sick dolphin, which is suffering from some kind of viral infection that has not yet been diagnosed, has shown very little improvement since she was found by a group of divers from Valencia.

Yesterday evening, on the advice of the Spanish Sea Mammal Society, they moved the dolphin from the portable swimming pool, where she was taken after being discovered, back to the sea to see if this has any kind of beneficial effect.

The dolphin, which is unable to maintain its balance while swimming, is male and measures 80cm long.

The team of vets responsible for its recovery has said that there have been a number of occasions over the last few days when they have feared for the dolphin's life. Latest analyses have revealed an extremely high level of parasites, and it is thought that it may be also suffering from some kind of virus.

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