Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wounded Risso's dolphin may survive!

Hope is high that a wounded dolphin found in Cayanga River in the northern town of San Fabian will survive.

Westly Rosario, head of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources research center in the city, said the Risso's dolphin was very weak when San Fabian fishery officials brought it to the center Monday.

"It was already belly-up when it was brought here, but after we gave it some medications, it seemed to get stronger and seemed to have regained its balance," he said.

The one-ton dolphin, which measures 10.3 feet long and has a 6.6 feet girth, has a wound in the left mouth. Rosario said the dolphin had welts around its body, perhaps caused by ropes used to tie it and pull it out of the Cayanga River.

The Risso’s dolphin, also known as Grampus, can be found in temperate and tropical waters.

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