Friday, March 16, 2007

What kind of experience can you expect to have when swimming with dolphins?

A dolphin is an intimidating creature to brush up against while swimming. Smile or no smile, it still has teeth, weighs 300 pounds or more and pops out of the water in front of you without warning. But when you pay good money to swim alongside two dolphins, it's best to forget these fears and place your trust in the animal trainers and their hand signals, whistles and fish.

The dolphins, in turn, respond to the trainer's every request, clapping their fins, making sounds from their blowholes and spinning and jumping in unison. Still, there's that brushing against your thighs as you hold onto the dorsal fins on the backs of two dolphins, being dragged through the water like some plaything. If this isn't adventure enough, you can always head over to the shark enclosure and sit holding a trained nurse shark on your lap.

Quick "Facts about Dolphins"