Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Seaquarium welcomes its tenants!

It’s moving day at the Miami Seaquarium. Two Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins have become the first to swim in their new digs, ‘Dolphin Harbor’.“Bimini” and “Abaco” were transferred from their current home at Flipper Lagoon to their new 700,000 gallon playing area.‘Dolphin Harbor’ opens this June. It’s a $5 million dollar lagoon where as many as 250 people a day can swim with the dolphins.

The new offering is part of the Seaquarium’s long term plan to shift its focus away from the animal shows and allow a more interactive experience for visitors.Dolphin Harbor will house eight Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins, education classrooms and an 8,000 square foot meeting facility surrounding the dolphin pool.Dolphin Harbor will be home to the park's expanded Swim with our Dolphins Program. The program will feature an up-close and personal dolphin interaction experience that includes an intimate interaction with a dolphin, an educational segment in a classroom environment and one day's admission to the park.

Currently, the park's guests can swim with the dolphins in the “Flipper Lagoon” in between shows. A 30 minute session costs $189. Park officials advise visitors to register in advance for this program because its weekly 250 swim slots are often sold out.

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