Saturday, December 29, 2007

Here are some facts about Hector's dolphin

There are two sub-species of Hector's dolphin - the South Island Hector's dolphin and Maui dolphins, which are found in the North Island. Maui's dolphin used to be known as North Island Hector's dolphin.

The dolphins are the world's rarest dolphins with around 8,000 South Island Hector's dolphins thought to be alive.

Hector's dolphins are one of the smallest marine dolphins in the world growing no more than 1.5 metres in length and weighing between 40kg and 60kg.

Hector's dolphins are grey with black and white markings, a round black dorsal fin and a short snout.

Hector's dolphins are found around the coast of the South Island concentrated between Haast and Farewell Spit in the west, around Banks Peninsula in the east, and Te Waewae Bay and Porpoise Bay/Te whanaga aihe in the south.

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