Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hybrid dolphi/false killer whale is developin in utero

Sea Life Park in Hawaii has discovered that wolphins -- hybrids of bottlenose dolphins and false killer whales -- are not sterile, as hybrids tend to be.

The park said Kekaimalu, a wolphin that was born at the park in 1985, has given birth to two calves, The Daily Telegraph reported Thursday.The calves, fathered by male bottlenose dolphins, show that wolphins, unlike many other species of animal hybrids, are capable of reproducing.

Kekaimalu was born in 1985 to a bottlenose dolphin that was impregnated by a false killer whale that was housed in the same tank at the park. The hybrid measures nearly 10 feet long and weighs in at 600 pounds, about halfway between the sizes of her mother and father.

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