Saturday, July 12, 2008

Little girl starts talking and walking following dolphin therapy

Four-year-old Simay was facing difficulties both walking and speaking due to a lack of oxygen delivered to her brain during her birth. She has now started walking after nine days of dolphin therapy.

Dolphins give life

Four-year-old Simay Ayg├╝n, who has trouble both speaking and walking due to a lack of oxygen transferred to her brain during birth, has started walking after nine-days of dolphin therapy. Three dolphins, three physiotherapists and three trainers work with the dolphins in a pool set, located in the front of a hotel.

After nine days of therapy sessions, little Simay has already begun to start walking and speaking. Simay's father stated that previously they had tried many different forms of therapy, throughout Turkey, but were unable to see any response: "my daughter could hardly speak and walk. Her perception was 1.5 years behind that of her peers.

As we were unable to see any results from other forms of therapy, we decided to give dolphin therapy a try. We started nine days ago and we have witnessed development. My daughter has started to both walk and talk. We will continue the therapy; I believe we will see a full recovery soon."

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