Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Marra the dolphin finally swam away into the sunset with another dolphin

A juvenile bottlenose dolphin trapped at Maryport, England, was returned to the sea, where it met and swam off with another dolphin, a report said.

While Marra the dolphin brought delight for nearly a month at the tidal marina, rescuers took action Monday since the malnourished creature was losing weight and skin pigment while swimming along harbor walls much like zoo animals.

When the tide drained, Marra was captured and loaded onto a watercraft that returned the dolphin to the ocean.

"This is the fairytale bit," Tony Woodley of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue told The Times of London. "It was seen to dive four times and then meet up with another dolphin" and headed into deep water, he said. "We were not expecting the other dolphin at all. To meet up so quickly is quite remarkable," said Woodley.

Last week, many of the same rescuers failed in efforts to save a whale in the Thames River.

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