Monday, April 03, 2006

Dolphin and whale watching interesting industry!

Boatmen engaged in dolphin and whale watching in Pamilacan Island has gradually realized the need for them to unite in order to further enhance the popular marine tour destination.

Leo Sumalpang of the Pamilacan Island Dolphin and Whale Watching Organization (PIDWWO) agreed to correct erroneous claims viewed in the website regarding their organization. He assured the other boatmen that he will immediately write the Department of Tourism to correct the claim on their number of members as well as other facts including the disputed claim that PIDWWO is giving back 50% of its revenues to the barangay.

The assurance of Sumalpang was heard by the members of the Sanggunuang Bayan of Baclayon when they conducted a joint session last Friday with the barangay council under Pamilacan Brgy Capt. Crispo Valeroso at the island.

Jojo Baritua, head of Pamilacan Island Boat Operators and Spotters Association (PIBOSA) welcomed the gesture of Sumalpang to correct the errors.

Sumalpang also agreed to give the Provincial Tourism Council (PTC) a detailed list of their community projects. It was observed that the projects went directly to the islanders without passing through the barangay council.

Baclayon Mayor Benny Uy appealed to both camps to set aside personal differences and instead look forward for the enhancement of the tour. He vowed to continuously monitor the group’s activities.

The groups were asked to equally share the business generated at the dolphin watching tour even as PIDWWO stands as the favored group due to earlier marketing done through the government-paid posters.

Baritua was requested to change the group’s policy of not accepting requests for boats from PIDDWO.

Meantime, the regulation on the entry of boats at the site will soon be discussed after Baclayon Kagawad Apale, chair of the SB committee on tourism will convene on Tuesday a committee which will discuss on how the municipality can generate income from these boatmen.

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