Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A hundred white-sided dolphins saved from stranding

Officials with the Cape Cod Stranding Network are monitoring waters in Wellfleet Harbor today for signs of about 100 Atlantic white-sided dolphins that were nearly stranded yesterday.

The dolphins were successfully herded out of the harbor as low tide approached. But after the group headed south towards Brewster, spotters said they had turned around and were headed back to Wellfleet late yesterday, raising concerns that there could be another stranding today.
“We’re keeping our fingers crossed,” said Sarah Herzig, stranding coordinator for the Cape Cod Stranding Network.

Thus far this morning, spotters had seen no signs of the group.

The dolphins were herded to safety around 8 a.m. yesterday using boats, a jet ski and acoustic devices that create an annoying sound underwater, Herzig said. If the group was not moved, they could have been stranded in the harbor as low tide approached, she said.

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