Thursday, August 24, 2006

Kids learned about rescuing dolphins

THE British Diver's Marine Life Rescue visited Kidz@play in Meethill, Peterhead, last week and carried out an 'emergency rescue' on poor Ozzy the dolphin who had become stranded at the playgroup!

Samantha McCue of Kidz @ play said: "The children have really learned something today. I saw the British Divers Marine Life Rescue in the Buchanie and thought it would be good for the children because they live near the sea.

"They have learned to stay away from seals because they can be vicious, to keep marine wildlife wet and to get help as quickly as possible. The adults have certainly learned something today too."
As well as the rescue operation the children were shown a DVD of marine rescues and were set a competition.

Andrew Ireland of the local British Divers Marine Life Rescue team said: "We are glad to get involved with the children and help them understand marine wildlife better and to show them what to do in an emergency, and not to hurt or harm the wildlife. We want to help the children appreciate marine wildlife and to develop a passion and a love for marine wildlife."

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