Saturday, October 14, 2006

Baby Winter to get a new tail

Rescuers didn't think three-month-old Winter would survive after she was found tangled up in a fishing net in shallow water off Florida in America.

But the young mammal learnt to swim again although she can't do lots of dolphin moves like jumping.

Winter's keepers are not sure how the new tail will work but hope it will help her to swim like a dolphin again.

Experts are still working on the new tail and it's thought the bottle nosed dolphin will have four or five different sizes as she gets bigger.

'Healthy and happy'

Winter will never be released into the wild and it expected she will stay at Clearwater Marine Aquarium where she lives at the moment.

Her keepers say that despite her disability she is healthy and happy.

Aquarium spokesperson David Yates said: "The ultimate aim is to give Winter the best life we can. The tail is just part of this process."

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