Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rescued Risso dolphin lost her calf!

Veterinarians and volunteers remain concerned for the health of a dolphin mother saved near Bonita Beach.

The Risso's dolphin, who was nicknamed Wilma, lost her calf Saturday night after the pair was brought to Mote Marine Laboratory Saturday. The mother continues to need assistance swimming.
Wilma and another Risso's dolphin mother-calf pair, who are doing better physically, were treated with antibiotics for infections and given fluids so they would begin eating on their own.
The mother, nicknamed Betty, and calf, Big Al, are actively swimming and nursing, a Mote spokeswoman reports.

Mote, in Sarasota County, operates a dolphin and whale hospital.

"Mote staff and volunteers continue to monitor the dolphins around the clock," said Jamie Tacy.
Risso's dolphins are rarely seen inshore and normally inhabit deep temperate waters worldwide. This species of dolphins, Grampus griseus, is one of the larger species and are compared in size to pilot whales. In the Gulf of Mexico, they are see along the Continental Shelf and Continental Slope.

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