Sunday, May 27, 2007

Vancouver Aquarium's dolphin miscarries for the second time!

For the second time in two years, Hana the dolphin has miscarried her calf. Staff at the Vancouver Aquarium are shaken by the sudden turn of events. Vets at the facility noticed something was wrong when fetal membranes were seen in the water. Hana the dolphin, who was supposed to give birth this summer then miscarried soon after, passing the fetus that vets said had been dead for almost three days.

The sad confirmation was hard to take for Martin Hilena, a vet at the Aquarium. He said everyone is very upset and they had all been very hopeful this second time would be successful for her. Hana and Helen are Pacific White-sided dolphins and both came over from Japan in 2005. The news that there won't be an addition to the Vancouver Aquarium has been hard for everyone who spends time there to accept.

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