Saturday, June 09, 2007

Inseminated calf number two, sees the day!

A new dolphin calf was born at Dolphin Quest on Sunday - the second in as many weeks.Bailey, an 18 year-old Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, gave birth to a healthy calf shortly before lunchtime. She has three other offspring, Somers, nine, Malabar, six, and Ely, four.Manager Roma Hayward said: "Bailey is an experienced mom with this being her fourth calf.

She was steady throughout the whole experience and came by the trainers for a rub down from time to time. Bailey had it all under control right from the start. Mom and calf are doing great as they take the time to set up strong nursing patterns and form the bond that will lead to a healthy life for the calf."Dolphin Quest artificially inseminated three dolphins about a year ago.

The first calf was born on May 23. A third calf is expected any day now.The west-end facility is now offering two new programs, which will allow guests the rare opportunity to get in the water with the dolphin moms and babies, and observe their natural behaviors.Alternatively, visitors can stay on dry land learn more about the moms and babies in a lagoon side talk and informative presentation. For reservations and to learn more about programs call 234-4464.

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