Saturday, December 29, 2007

Cambodia is doing everything to promote dolphin tourism

Measures are being implemented in Cambodia to secure the future of dolphin populations, according to reports.The country is acting to protect Mekong River dolphins in the mountainous provinces of Crache and StungCheng.

These measures are part of the Asian country's ongoing efforts to alleviate poverty and promote tourism in northern areas, the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) reports.Figures from the Cambodian tourism ministry suggest that around 80,000 local tourists and 12,200 foreign visitors came to the provinces to go on dolphin tours last year.

This demand was estimated to have contributed some $3.12m (£1.56m) to local economies.Cambodia's Mekong River is home to some 100 rare and endangered freshwater dolphins, according to the VNA.The country is located in south-east Asia, with a coastline on the Gulf of Thailand and borders with Vietnam, Thailand and Laos.Opodo cheap flights and hotels - let the journey begin!

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