Saturday, March 29, 2008

Is dolphin therapy in little artist future?

For 2-year-old Chance Armstrong and his mom Lainie, his art show was months in the making.
"I'm completely overwhelmed and completely blessed," Chance's mom Lainie Armstrong said. "We're very, very thankful and grateful."

Grateful for those who came out to support little Chance's first art show. A feat in itself, that becomes even more amazing when you hear the little boy's story.

Chance was born three months pre-mature, and doctors gave him little hope to survive. They said he would never walk and would never use his arms. However, Chance defied those odds and began painting.

Now two years old, Chance's mom wants him to take part in dolphin therapy. It's a program where kids interact with wild dolphins, and somehow the dolphin's sonar helps special needs children. The problem is the program is expensive. So little Chance decided he would paint the way. That's what the art show is all about.

"It's amazing what he can do," Manuel Garcia said. "We drove all the way in from Dallas, Texas to see the art show."

Each painting sold will ensure that Chance and his family have the money needed to participate in dolphin therapy this summer. So far, this tiny tot appears to be one of Wichita's hottest artists with his paintings flying off the walls.

"This community has definitely got behind his cause and supporting us as a family," Armstrong said.

Support Chance knows will make all the difference.

"Thank you," Chance Armstrong said.

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