Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dolphins sighted in the Humber Estuary

Dolphins and porpoises have been sighted in the Humber estuary.

They were seen by an office worker from his window at Hessle, and the sighting has since been confirmed by an expert.

The dolphins' presence has led to the Sea Watch Foundation in North Ferriby to call for observers to be recruited to look out for more of the creatures.

Local dolphin expert Dr Horace Dobbs said the closure of a nearby smelting works meant there were fewer pollutants in the estuary.

Dr Dobbs added: "It's very exciting to see, we've got everyone looking from experts to ice-cream men.

"The dolphins and harbour porpoises are following fish stocks, which reflects the increase in productivity of the Humber - there are now shoals of bass at the mouth of the estuary."

North Ferriby-based charity International Dolphin Watch has been providing information to workers whose offices overlook the estuary.

It was nearly 200 years ago that the mammals were last seen in the estuary, but they have been increasingly spotted in the past three years.

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